Rabu, 10 April 2013

Wishlist once I gt married

Annyeonghaseyo !

Holla everyone. .. =) since yesterday anna rasa happy n cant stop smiling. . Smpaikan smua org tgur anna.. what happen to u anna ? Hahha.. anna tringt apa yg my future husband ckap smalam.. hahaha.. its funny actually. . ^_^ well anna ada wishlist yg anna nak buat if we already gt married .... 

1. The first morning ! Prepare him a sweet bfast =) and a kiss on his forehead every morning ! ^_^ 
2. Before pergi kerja.. have to salam dia dulu.. =) ♥
3. Sediakan apa shaja makanan yg dia nak wlaupun xtau nk masak that dish..have to learn it ! 
4. Treat him nicely ♥ 
5. I love to do this kerja rumah-basuh baju dia.. iron kan.. and most important thing is anna
kena belajar how to ikat tali leher since dh lama sgt tgglkan skolah ..dh xingt dah... hehe
6. Pergi beli brang2 untk rumah xkira la utk masak ke furniture ke together with him... 
7. I want to be a good wife for him ♥♥ 

How I wish .... ^_^  dear my future husband. ... I love u so much... =) 

Selasa, 9 April 2013

The reason why im so happy today !

Annyeonghaseyo ! =) 

Hello to all my readersss.. how are you? Well today ... anna rasa happy sgt2.. u knw what ? Bcoz of this one guy who will be my husband soon... after apa yg tjadi antra kami for this past few weeks ..sgt2 lah mencabar diri anna untk mnjadi seorg yg kuat.. syukur Alhamdulilah Allah bagi anna kekuatan untk lalui pkara ni smua.... 

Okay.. xnak la cerita sedih2. . Kering jugk airmata ni nanti... hehehe.. nak crita bnda yg happy2 je.. hurm2.. mcm mana nk mulakan ye ? Hehehe... 8 april 2013... alfie make a public proposal dkt fb.. this time not as girlfriend but as ... hehehe.. tau kan ?? Hahah.. so shyyyyy.. rmai elf  pm anna says congrats... thankkkk youu so muchh ! And today adlah pkara yg pling tkejut skali anna dgr... dia nak anna bg dia anak kembar every year ?? Aigooo oppa.. klau every year asyk pregnant n bersalin.. mcm mana lah keja anna nti.. hahaha.. but then aina ! This girl sama mcm nadia.. ishk.. cuma nadia lg evil dr dia.. ada ke dia cakap psal proses bersalin dkt anna ?? Adehhh.. lepas baca komen2 fb from my beloved one..nadia n aina.. rasa sakit2 dah badan ni.. hahah.. but how dare he tease me .. he thinks that I already bygkan masa pregnant n bersalin ... hehh my oppa ni.. nak kena ni... one more thing.. my love ni .. so scary btul lah.. anna saje je acah2 nk buat sesuatu dkt dia even ada jugk plan nk buat mcm tu.. hehhee. Now dia btul2 nekad nk buat... haihh.. anna.. look what have u done.. so better get ready jelah. . Huhuu...time nak msak lunch tdi for this budak manja nadia.. anna mmg la ckp sorg2.. anna ckp yg "ohh if anna ada anak nti they have to call me as ummi.. their daddy as walid " but xsgka nadia boleh dgr and she report it to alfie ! Aduihhhh..malunya lah anna.. and when anna merajuk dgn nadia tadi.. anna dh xjd nk mrajuk coz tgelak dgr "kak anna..jgn mrajuk lama2..nti seri pengantin hilang" ishkk.. I knw ni mesti plan my oppa dgn nadia... hahaha.. and nadia give me an idea.. to combine our name.. alfie+anna=afina ... our fture daughter's name.. hehehe.. tp pendek sgt kan ?? Secara tbe2 anna gt this name.. SARAH AFINA.. and smpai skrg this name asyk bermain difikiran anna.. haishh.. I love this name... =) to be honest. Im waiting for him to jalankan my plan.. why ? Sbb anna geram dgn dia... hahaha.. rsa nk cubit2 je.. but the prblem is.. klau jumpa depan2 .. boleh ke ni ?? Karang sepatah perkataan pun xkluar nti.. hahahah.. 
Well.. my wish is to be A GOOD WIFE FOR HIM AND TO BE A GOOD MOTHER FOR MY FUTURE CHILDS... ^_^ Insyaallah. .. may Allah ease everything ♥♥♥

Sabtu, 23 Mac 2013

This is why I called it as DESTINY ♥

Annyeonghaseyo ^_^

Its been a long time anna xupdate this blog.. mianhae... hehe.. well today I've decided to tell you about DESTINY.... ^_^ all this while I never knew the meaning of destiny until I met someone who means a world to me now... I fell in love with the unexpected person on the most unexpected time... hahaha.. okay let me tell you how this destiny happened.... actually its related to kpop things .. haha.. I knw him from Malaysia ELF Group.. he posted something.. I saw his profile and then just ignore it...but then ..when he posted a photos of flower bouquet for someone... I started to feel somthing.. weird feeling. .. that I cant tell by my own... on that time also.. I have small issue with this little girl. ..she keep pm me.. its not that I dnt like her but she always pm me.. im working.. dont have enough time to always reply her pm... and I started to pm him about that as I saw that girl is close to him... haha.. after that.. the flower bouquet incidents... honestly. . My heart keep beating faster than usual... I hate that feeling.. and then I dont knw why I posted this status on my timeline.. haha.. "what is your relationship with her ? Im curious about it" ..  I dont have any idea when he commented on that status... haha... im laughing so hard. ... I asked myself. . How can he knw that post is for him ?? Still remember his comment... "actually that person is so lucky to have someone that have a feelings towards him...the rest.. I dnt want to write here.. hahaha.. from that time.. I was keep refreshing the news feed to see if there is something between him and her... I was wrong. .. that girl whom im address as qie unnie is his best friend forever... hahaha.. so silly. .. and bcoz of obvious status... everything changed... hahaha.. he posted a link on his timeline.. Super Junior song titled U... and on 4th march.... he asked me one private question ... he ask me whether I already have boyfriend or not.. im shocked. .. haha.. I answered it back... saying that I never had any bf bfore..and then... on 01.30 am ....he sent me a poem.. a sweet poem actually... he propose me... hahha.. kinda sweet actually. . Bcoz he is using all sj members as the hyperbola. .. haha.. I wasnt able to post the poem ..dont knw how to attach to this blog using mobile phone. . Hahah.. and now.. we are together.... we never chat bfore nor poke each other on fb... hahaha.. this is why I called it  DESTINY...after two weeks we've been together... after all the hard things occured..... finally I can say that .. I really need him in my life bcoz I love him so much more than my own life... I promised to him that I will take a good care of him .. and always be there for him whenever he needs me ... and I promised to myself that what ever is going to happen in future.. I will always keep my promise to keep loving him..missing him..take care of him....trust him... I will wait for him even for 100 years.......dear my love..... I love u so much... only you in my heart..mind and soul. ....♥♥♥

Selasa, 19 Februari 2013


Attention !! Important call for all ELF !! Read this !!

3 special petitions and it is important for all of us to participate.. please spread it ! kamsahamida


- Create a short message to Super Junior how your live has changed since you've known them and if possible create a special poem for them saying that how much you need them in your daily life


- For this petition, you need to record your video messages saying why you want them to back to SUJU and dont forget to state how is your life after they left SUJU.. :'( if you want to cry.. just cry in your video msgs.. we wanted to show how important they are to us... 


-this petition is seriously need more participants.. the method are still same with no. 2 .. you just record your video msgs... state why you need them in your life.. and if you want to dedicate song for them also can... same method- video msgs... 

*** dateline : 10 MARCH 2013 for first batch 
*** dateline : 10 APRIL 2013 for second batch
**** dateline : 24 APRIL 2013 for last batch 

please spread this project.. all msgs,poems and video.. send tohttp://www.facebook.com/true.elf.sj?ref=tn_tnmn <<< Owner of MEC 

~Suju Lover ♥

Rabu, 6 Februari 2013

Malaysian ELFs Crew

Annyeonghaseyo !!

Anna created this team for Malaysian ELFs out there.. this is an official team ... 

Official page for Malaysian ELFs Crew << click here for the official page.

Malaysian ELFs Crew is an official club for Malaysian ELF. Founded by Miss Anna,Miss Ita,Miss Azie,Miss Amy,Miss Lycoris and Miss Maggie on 7th Jan 2013 . MEC will do a charity event such as visiting orphanage house, cheering them up to stay strong,give some donation to them..visit patient at hospital , hold a birthday party for MEC members,games,also SCHOOL TOUR where we go to school by school do some games with them and many more =) we are planning to go to Korea next year

p/s : any international ELF would like to join us as the official member of MEC.. please send in your name,state and mobile phone number for record to miss anna at her personal fb account https://www.facebook.com/true.elf.sj?ref=ts&fref=ts 


just 2 days ago this page created and i've received so many bash from others.. but i dont care... 
 all we did is for SJ n ELF... take note peeps.. :) in Malaysia we might differ from MYSJ,SJMF and MBOA... we have our own strategies..activities..and so on... for those who keep talking behind me about this MEC.. just go on.. i dont care.. i just wanted to do the best for my ELF family and of course for MALAYSIA ! :-)
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