Sabtu, 23 Mac 2013

This is why I called it as DESTINY ♥

Annyeonghaseyo ^_^

Its been a long time anna xupdate this blog.. mianhae... hehe.. well today I've decided to tell you about DESTINY.... ^_^ all this while I never knew the meaning of destiny until I met someone who means a world to me now... I fell in love with the unexpected person on the most unexpected time... hahaha.. okay let me tell you how this destiny happened.... actually its related to kpop things .. haha.. I knw him from Malaysia ELF Group.. he posted something.. I saw his profile and then just ignore it...but then ..when he posted a photos of flower bouquet for someone... I started to feel somthing.. weird feeling. .. that I cant tell by my own... on that time also.. I have small issue with this little girl. ..she keep pm me.. its not that I dnt like her but she always pm me.. im working.. dont have enough time to always reply her pm... and I started to pm him about that as I saw that girl is close to him... haha.. after that.. the flower bouquet incidents... honestly. . My heart keep beating faster than usual... I hate that feeling.. and then I dont knw why I posted this status on my timeline.. haha.. "what is your relationship with her ? Im curious about it" ..  I dont have any idea when he commented on that status... haha... im laughing so hard. ... I asked myself. . How can he knw that post is for him ?? Still remember his comment... "actually that person is so lucky to have someone that have a feelings towards him...the rest.. I dnt want to write here.. hahaha.. from that time.. I was keep refreshing the news feed to see if there is something between him and her... I was wrong. .. that girl whom im address as qie unnie is his best friend forever... hahaha.. so silly. .. and bcoz of obvious status... everything changed... hahaha.. he posted a link on his timeline.. Super Junior song titled U... and on 4th march.... he asked me one private question ... he ask me whether I already have boyfriend or not.. im shocked. .. haha.. I answered it back... saying that I never had any bf bfore..and then... on 01.30 am ....he sent me a poem.. a sweet poem actually... he propose me... hahha.. kinda sweet actually. . Bcoz he is using all sj members as the hyperbola. .. haha.. I wasnt able to post the poem ..dont knw how to attach to this blog using mobile phone. . Hahah.. and now.. we are together.... we never chat bfore nor poke each other on fb... hahaha.. this is why I called it  DESTINY...after two weeks we've been together... after all the hard things occured..... finally I can say that .. I really need him in my life bcoz I love him so much more than my own life... I promised to him that I will take a good care of him .. and always be there for him whenever he needs me ... and I promised to myself that what ever is going to happen in future.. I will always keep my promise to keep loving him..missing him..take care of him... I will wait for him even for 100 years.......dear my love..... I love u so much... only you in my heart..mind and soul. ....♥♥♥

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